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Customer's Testimonials

"Hi Jacob.  Just wanted to say thank you for fixing my sister's computer.  I was told by another IT specialist that the 'blue screen of death' meant it was most probably beyond repair, however, you proved them wrong.  It now works perfectly and although you must have spent some considerable time on it, you only charged me the basic repair fee as promised.  Above and beyond the call of duty in my opinion!  Thanks Again."

Peter, Colchester

"My PC had a horrible problem with Shutting down (when I was In middle of something), two engineers said it was a mother board failure and wanted to sell me a new computer. Jacob figured it was a power supply fault, replaced it and not a problem since, done on site for £55 (super value:-) Thanks again for the speedy resolution to my irritating work losing problem!"

Richard, Appliance Repairman Ltd, Colchester

"The best costumer service I ever seen! Basically the technician just sorted my laptop in a blink of an eye, setup and added an amazing antivirus! Highly recommended"

Jose Fernandes

"Great service, very helpful, competent and reliable service. I would definitely recommend this laptop service"

Megan Hope

Home or Business

We provide a wide range of PC and laptop repair related services to all our home and business customers. If you are a home user, a small or large business, we have solutions that suit everybody! 


Quality of Service

We work for you and we promise to always give you the best possible service. If by providing this we have to suggest a laptop or PC is not worth repairing, we will do this. We feel this will generate trust in ourselves and our services and you will want to use us again and again in the future.

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