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Important information: Please note recently we have received a number of computers (laptops and desktops) coming to the service with "google chrome issue not turning on and crashing". Please note that the latest update has ruined chrome on a 64 bit devices and it needs to be reinstalled temporarly on https://www.google.co.uk/chrome/browser/beta.html

(go ahead and click the link, don't uninstall old chrome, this way you will keep all data and bookmarks.)

In future please keep checking an full version of chrome for a update fix.


Why is my laptop so slow?

An operating system running too long without proper antivirus protection can cause a computer to run slowly and in most ocassions this repair can be completed without any parts. If required we will advise you to upgrade the ram memory, if there is not enough memory in your machine.

The second reason for the laptop running slowly can be faulty devices. After diagnosis we can decide if any of the installed devices are slowing your laptop down.

Thirdly, quite a common reason for a laptop to run slowly is due to overheating. This problem can be also resolved without using any parts. Overheating must not be ignored, if this situation continues for too long and is not rectified the laptop's motherboard or processor can be destroyed.


Is my laptop overheating?

Below you can see why laptops are overheating. This is often caused by a blockage in the cooling system, this can cause:
- Windows running slowly.
- Laptop palmrest (keyboard area) getting hot.
- Excessive noise from the fan.

Please note, if you have an ACER machine from Z series to any slim Aspire series please contact us to advise you on a plan for cleaning it once a year to keep it working properly. We have found these models of machines are getting blockages a lot sooner than any other so prevention is better than cure.

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My Screen is Blank, I cannot see anything!

There is three reasons for a laptop not displaying any picture:
- Faulty screen inverter - requires new inverter only
- Faulty LCD display - Requires new LCD
- Faulty LCD Backlight - Requires new LCD (in some cases only backlight panel)

We can install and replace any of the above parts if needed.

Is my Windows operating system original?

You can easily check this by going to 'My Computer' - Right Click - Properties - then see the label with Genuine Windows on it, it will tell you if your system is activated with Microsoft. Also you can double-check if you have a Windows COA sticker on the bottom of your laptop (in Dell laptops its under the battery)

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